Dana-dapt Kit: Dana 60 to 8.75

David Loar writes: This “Dana-dapt” kit allows you to install a Dana 60 Cover on the 8-3/4 Mopar rearend with very little effort, a small amount of grinding, and only 4 very small welds that can later be removed if desired.

This is a very economical (for about the price of a Dana ring and pinion) to get that Dana 60 look, yet retain the swapability of your 8-3/4 hogshead. In this day and time, given the cost of purchasing, upgrading and gear swap outs to a Dana 60, this is a sure fire way to get that Dana 60 look under your car - at a mere fraction of the cost of a Dana 60 installation. I also guarantee that this conversion is virtually undistinguishable from a real Dana 60 once it is installed under your vehicle. Purchasers will need to verify they have adequate clearance to run with such a cover, as most Dana 60 swaps I have performed placed the cover very close to gas tanks, etc. and may require slight modification.

spot welds on 8.75 Dana conversion adapter on 8.75 Dana conversion
adapter on 8.75 Dana conversion adapter cover on 8.75 Dana conversion

The price of the kit is as follows:

$199.99 Adapter plate
$249.99 Adapter plate with thin chrome cover
$269.99 Adapter plate with thick chrome cover
$289.99 Adapter plate with thick stainless steel cover (will not rust)
Plus shipping based on your zip code.

Every one is hand made, here in the good old U.S.A.

Contact David Loar at 919-845-8903 or david.loar AT gmail.com (Replace the AT with @ to email David.)

January 17, 2009

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