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Several vendors have stepped in to help keep interest in the early 60's Mopars.

The emotional impact of seeing and hearing a 1965 Hemi B body on a drag strip remains strong even decades after these Mopars first roared down the 1/4 mile.

Indeed, these Mopars were so impressive that they still draw a crowd whenever and wherever they are on display and remain a thrill to see roaring down drag strips today.

Until now fans of these Mopars needed to search through a lot of various material to learn more about these history making Mopar machines.

But now Jim Schild and The Auto Review have published an exhaustive overview of one of the most influential of the early to mid 1960's Mopars...

the 1965 Dodge and Plymouth Hemi Super Stocks!

Authenticity Guide book on 1965 Dodge and Plymouth Hemi Super Stocks Authenticity Guide -- 1965 Dodge and Plymouth Hemi Super Stocks by Jim Schild

This comprehensive guide brings a new level of detail and accuracy to the appreciation and identification of the most important factory drag race cars ever created. Whether as an owner, restorer, appraiser, show judge or just as an interested enthusiast, this authenticity guide will bring the reader closer to why and how these fabulous cars were built.

This guide is based on the author's thirty-seven year long interest in these cars inspired by contact with a new one in early 1965. This interest and enthusiasm was later enhanced by twelve years of research and the additional contributions of Hemi Super Stock owners and authorities. The information has been verified and confirmed by Chrysler Corporation parts catalogs, press releases, owner's manuals, technical bulletins, period photos and facts and features publications.

Included are more than 17,000 words of detailed information in 48 pages and more than eighty photos and illustrations (most from 1965 and many not published since they were new). There are current detailed photos and illustrations of both restored and original cars. The illustrations and text are enhanced with actual factory part numbers and descriptions of Race Hemi unique components. The details of the fabulous 426 Race Hemi engine, special Super Stock drivetrain, suspension, exhaust and body modifications and specifications will promote an appreciation of the most impressive and most winning stock bodied drag racing cars in history. Relive a golden era that will never be seen again.

An additional benefit of this guide is that much of the chassis and engine compartment detail information is directly applicable to any 1965 B-body Dodge or plymouth. The colors and locations of wiring, small parts and chassis components along with identification numbers, tags and paperwork will help any 1962-65 Mopar enthusiast to better understand these special cars. Details include a 1965 standard body color chart and interior trim finish colors and materials for the Hemi race car.

Also includes a bonus section on the 1965 A/FX altered wheelbase cars.

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Size - 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 48 pages, softbound, 84 illustrations (Plus parts and driver lists)

Item number - ARSS1965 Price - $14.95 plus $2.00 postage and handling. (Total $16.95)

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May 11, 2003